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Harry Styles Isn't Your Boyfriend

On the off chance that he is your boyfriend, don't read this and continue doing what you're doing. But if he isn't, keep on reading.

Recently, I was catching up on the fourth season of New Girl, when Nick (a character in the series, if you didn't know already) said something that made me think.

“The problem with Jordan Catalano? He isn’t real!”
For all of you younger than 25, or for anyone who hasn't watched My So-Called Life, Jordan Catalano (played by a very young Jared Leto) is the popular kid in high school, adored by basically every female in the whole school.

He's the typical romantic figure of every romantic movie/series/book ever written. He's popular, arrogant, the prototypical bad boy. Who falls in love with the wallflower who lived unnoticed by the male sex up until that moment. And it turns out that Jordan isn't all  that bad. What a surprise.

Anyway, back to the quote.

As much fun as it is to get lost in thinking about being with the Mr. Da…

20 Perks of Being Short

Since y'all seemed to like my 20 Struggles of Being Short post, I decided to write a 20 Perks of Being Short follow up. Hope you like it, and if you do please let me know in the comments! :)

1. After a party at your friends house, you can comfortably sleep on their couch if you don't want to / can't go home. You can basically nap anywhere you want!

2. Short girls always seem younger, meaning when you're 35 you'll finally be able to be happy about it.

3. You'll always have leg room while travelling economy class on planes or trains!!

4. When you're at a concert, more often than not people will let you go in front of them. It's also a great conversation starter! (I met a couple of people at concerts who let me go in front of them and who I then became friends with :))

5. You can shop in the children's section. Although you wouldn't wear most of the clothes, you can usually find something that you like. Some stores even sell the same shirts or jeans for…

20 Struggles Of Being Short

If you know me in real life, you know that I am not the tallest person. More like the opposite. Being 5'1" or about 1,55m means that you are, what do people call it, vertically challenged?! Nice phrase.

Anyway, here are some struggles I have encountered over time.

1. The obvious one: Being so small that people mistake you for a child. All. The. Time.

2. On that note: Having to show your ID even though you are 25 years old. (Remember, alcohol is served in Germany from the age of 16...)

3. Having to sit on a pillow while driving, because otherwise you can't see above the wheel.

4. Alternatively, having to put a pillow between your back and the seat. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to reach the pedals, even though you moved the seat to the very front of the car.

5. Not being cut out for certain jobs. You won't ever be a model. Or a pilot. Or a flight attendant. Or a police officer. And so on and so forth.

6. Not being able to play certain musical instruments properly becaus…

Things Only Cat Owners Will Understand

If you’ve ever owned a cat, you know what I’m talking about.

1. You don’t need to worry about chaos on your table, your cat will always clear it up. By throwing everything that doesn’t belong on it under the couch. Like your pen. Or your glasses.

2. You cannot eat a meal without your cat staring at you and not-so-secretly judging you.
3.You buy a whole box of your cat’s favorite food, before she decides that she doesn’t like that flavor any more. 4.You would like to play with your cat during the day, but she decides that 2 a.m. is a way better time for having fun.
5. You don’t need to turn on the heating, your cat will make sure that you are not freezing. By laying on you. Even in the summertime. Just to make sure.
6. Your cat will help you study. By laying on your laptop. Or your notes. We don’t want them to go anywhere, do we?!
7. Your cat will make sure that you are always covered in fur. So that you are not freezing, again.
8. Your cat will make sure that you will always wake up on time. …

Expectation vs Reality

Hello internet,

my best friend from high school got engaged a few months ago. Last month I met another high school friend who told me that she was engaged. And a couple days later my little brother told me that he was engaged. See the pattern here?

Although I am beyond happy for all of them, it made me think.

My old friend seems to live the life I always thought I would live: house, job, fiancé, dog.
Basically I thought that at 25 I would be totally grown up, living an independent life and being a reasonable adult who knows where she wants to be in the near future.

Yet here I am, clueless as ever and with a height of 5’1” I’m far from being grown up, literally and metaphorically.

As a teenager I absolutely loved Gilmore Girls, and Rory seemed to have her life figured out, so I thought making a list would be a great idea.

So, here goes nothing.

Proof that I am an adult:
I live on my own. Okay, I have a flatmate. But still.I have a cat. It’s basically like having a child.I’m …

Hello Internet... I go again.

Very original first sentence. 10 points for that.

Anyhow, first things first.

Technically, this isn't even my first post. As you can see I've been updating quite often until 2012, until life kind of got in the way and I simply had no time for blogging. But in the past year I got the urge to post stuff again, so I thought New Years Day would be the perfect opportunity to give it another shot. (On another note, yes, I switched from writing in German to writing in English.)

I don’t know if anyone will read this, or if anyone is interested in what I have to say – which is basically nothing new – but I figured that it might be good for me to start writing down things that have been happening – or not happening – in my life, even if I am the only one who will ever read this.

So… what made me want to (re)start my blog, you ask?

Honestly, I don’t know.

I think I need a space be able to write down everything that’s happening in my life, my thoughts on some very…