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The Power of Music, Part II

I don't think I've ever been to two concerts within the span of not even a week.
It kind of feels like I had a week off of everything, and it feels surreal to think about how much has happened the last seven days.

Anyway, after an incredible Frank Turner gig at the Lucerna Music Hall in Prague last Thursday, I went to see Brian Fallon play at the Live Music Hall (see the theme?) in Cologne yesterday. And although I'm constantly comparing these two nights in my head, I wouldn't be able to say which one was better. They were completely different, but both were amazing in their own way.
While Frank's show was all about the dancing and singing along (crappily), Brian's gig had more of a relaxed feeling to it. I gotta say that yesterday's crowd was the quietest I've ever seen, and I can't exclude myself from that, but somehow we all seemed to still feel the Monday blues. Even when Brian asked if we were okay, the crowd answered with what I'd call the o…

The Power of Music

Connecting with people, no matter where they come from.  Setting aside all the differences we might have and bonding over the simple fact that we like the same songs.
Last week I finally managed to visit a friend of mine again. And surprisingly, not much has changed over the last four years. Laura and I first met while we were both studying in Los Angeles, which was all the way back in 2010. Funnily enough we didn't get along too well when we first met each other. I think we both thought that the other person was kind of arrogant. 
But after talking for a couple of minutes we realized that our first impressions of each other couldn't be further from the truth, and we became best friends in a matter of days. When we had to get back to our home countries we swore to visit each other as often as possible, but as always, life happened. A year after we came back from the U.S., Laura asked me if I wanted to come to Prague for this music festival they had going on in the summer. I recogn…