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I hate being right. At least today I do.

Yesterday I told my roommate that the UK will vote 52-48 in favor of leaving.
Well, as it turns out I can see in the future. Yay me.

As sad as I am about the results of last night, I'm not going to insult/condemn anyone.
At least I'll try not to.

First up, I know as much about politics as about 80% of the people, which is little to nothing.

Second, this is not about what you voted for. It's about why you voted for whatever it is you voted for.

The following is only my opinion, and I'm not saying that it's necessarily the right opinion, but it's mine and this is my blog so deal with it.

Also, I know that I'm pretty much completely leaving out the economic side of things. Cause I know nothing about that either. Except that I should go and spend some money on right now.

I'm just someone who studies cultures and languages and sociology. I have big ideas and big beliefs about pretty much everything but n…