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Christmas Traditions

Dressed in comfy socks and pajamas, sitting opposite the Christmas tree, enjoying the warmth of a log fire, drinking hot chocolate or mulled wine, eating too much chocolate, and listening to Christmas carols. If someone would ask me, this is my perfect Christmas eve. Surrounded by people I love, doing nothing and just enjoying the fact that we're all together for once.

For the last four year, me and my roommate bought a Christmas tree together, which we then carried on our shoulders from the shop to our home, to the amusement of everyone who saw us. I mean, two little people carrying a 2m tree is quite funny, there's no point denying that. And I actually enjoyed putting smiles on people's faces, after all this is what Christmas should be all about.

This year I have absolutely zero Christmas decoration in my house, which is a first. But there is no point in buying some as I will be going home a week before Christmas. So I must make do with my awesome advent calendar (don…

the 20 best concert videos on youtube

Assistant Directing and Wedding Planning

Hey y'all!

Did you miss me? No? Okay, cool.

Anyways, I just wanted to let y'all know that I am still alive (barely) and that I had the best, the craziest, and the most stressful three weeks.

First, we shot three other short films, one in Oxford and London and two around Beaconsfield.

I had 20h workdays and sleepless nights with problems that needed solving in the last minute. I slept at our producer's mom's house (hope I did those apostrophes right) and worked from a kitchen floor. I ran after an SA that decided to grab some lunch without telling me and I tried keeping the mother of our child actress happy. I stood outside in the rain for two days and I stood in for the actors during lighting set ups. I learned about 100 new names during the last four weeks and forgot about 50 of them already. (sorry)

And then, to top it all off, I flew home for the weekend to go to my best friend's wedding. I visited my family, did some business with my bank, did some shopping, an…

That's A Wrap!

That's a wrap on the first NFTS film I had the pleasure to work on! It's been a tough week, four days went by quicker than I could even blink, and I can't believe that we're already shooting the next film on Monday.

Basically, my schedule for the next weeks looks like this: three weeks of First Year Films, going to Germany for the weekend, work on live TV for four weeks, work on commercials for four weeks, before finally going home for Christmas.
No rest for the wicked.
Working on a studio set is a lot of fun, a lot of doing nothing, and a lot of running around to do things that should have happened eight minutes ago. I woke up and went to work in the dark, worked on a dark set, and came home in the dark. But at least it was warm and I didn't get wet. Oh wait, actually that's not true, as I stood outside for a day to make sure no one entered the set. The glorious life of an (aspiring) AD. Next week we will shoot in Oxford and London, meaning a shit-ton can go w…

Weekly Roundup #1

Ladies and Gents, Boys and Girls, a big Hello from your favorite German!

I hope you're doing well and had a lovely weekend. I for one can't believe that it's been three weeks since I moved here, feels more like three days. Time has flown by, it's only four weeks until I fly home for the biggest party of the year (if I'm still alive by then) and it's slowly getting chillier outside.

Autumn, I heart thee.
Books, cozy socks, coffee, candles, walking through fallen leaves. What could be better?!

Anyway, here's a quick roundup of the past two weeks.

Week 2:

I got the amazing opportunity to go to a Sherlock Event in London with Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat and Sue Vertue. It was pretty cool.I was sitting on the back of a bicycle for the first time in my life. Yay for this new method of transportation.Caught a fever and massive cold thanks to the amazing British weather.Thanks to a workshop at school I now know that script supervising is hard work.Cider costs 1.5 GBP a…

The Start Of Something New - Moving Abroad.

I've done it again.
I've packed my bags once again and moved to another country.
And this time it's for real.

Those of you who know me know that I spent half a year living in Los Angeles and half a year living in Atlanta. And now I moved to the U.K.! Cause now I'm still able to live and work here without applying for a visa.

Anyway, I got accepted at the NFTS in London (okay, not London directly, but I doubt any of you have heard of Beaconsfield before) and am now doing a 13-month diploma course in Assistant Directing!!!!! Still can't quite believe it myself, but for whatever reason I got accepted at one of the most prestigious film schools in the world. So, for the next 13 months I'll be living in the U.K., and if all goes well I'd like to stay for a wee bit longer (please don't kick me out.)

I packed all my stuff from my old flat, left 90% at my dad's and flew over with only one suitcase full of clothes. It's like I'm living a minimalistic…

25 Things To Do In Spring / Early Summer

Hey everyone!

Since it's getting warmer I thought it would be fun to come up with some ideas for things you can do in spring / early summer.

Have a Picknick on a blanket with some friends.The most obvious one. Grab some food and eat your lunch outside.Fly a kite.I used to love this when I was a child, although I was never really good at keeping the kite in the air. Plant seeds and grow stuff.Get your hands dirty and spread some color. Or grow stuff that you can eat! There's nothing better than making breakfast with your own strawberries.Clean out your wardrobe.Get rid of that winter coat and make space for your summery clothes. Your wardrobe looks empty now? Well, that's the best excuse to go and buy something new ;)Visit a playground. Cause you'd be lying if you said you didn't like climbing that tree house. Just be nice to the actual kids that may be around. Pick wildflowers.Cause nobody got money to spend on a real bouquet! Bird watch.Imagine you'd be up the…

27 Things I've Learned in 27 Years

I turned 27 years old yesterday, so I thought I'd write up some (cliché and random) things I've learned over the years.

Nobody has their life fully figured out, some people are just really good at pretending.Don't compare yourself (too much) to other people. What works for them might not work for you. It's okay to be different.You'll have friends who are still living with their parents, and you'll have friends that just bought a house themselves. You're now at the age when everybody seems to get married. Invest in a nice cocktail dress, or two.Everyone has this one friend that has been backpacking through Australia.Drink water while drinking white wine (or any alcohol).Grilled cheese is the best meal to eat when you come home after having a couple of drinks.Spend your money on travelling instead of technology.Dreams change. Don't cling on to things if they don't make you happy anymore.Don't be emotionally attached to your hair. It'll grow ba…

Guess who's back?

....back again... ♫

Did I already mention that I'm really good at this blogging thing?
No? Well, now you know.

It's been half a year, a lot of things have happened or changed, and a lot of things didn't.
Wow, how exciting. Let me elaborate.

For example, my two besties are getting married later this year! And guess who's gonna be maid of honor? Me. You guessed correctly.

My brother now works in Dubai and on the Maledives, and I kinda wish I would have studied IBM as well. Then I remember that I hate business management and all this kind of stuff, and I am only half as envious as I was before.

Like the total cliché that I am I started doing yoga, and as predictable as this may sound, I am actually really loving it. I used to not get it, why so many people loved it, but after just a month I totally changed my mind.

I still suck at playing the piano, partly because I don't find the time to practice, partly because YouTube is my teacher, partly because I still hate the …