That's A Wrap!

That's a wrap on the first NFTS film I had the pleasure to work on! It's been a tough week, four days went by quicker than I could even blink, and I can't believe that we're already shooting the next film on Monday.

Basically, my schedule for the next weeks looks like this: three weeks of First Year Films, going to Germany for the weekend, work on live TV for four weeks, work on commercials for four weeks, before finally going home for Christmas.
No rest for the wicked.

Working on a studio set is a lot of fun, a lot of doing nothing, and a lot of running around to do things that should have happened eight minutes ago. I woke up and went to work in the dark, worked on a dark set, and came home in the dark. But at least it was warm and I didn't get wet. Oh wait, actually that's not true, as I stood outside for a day to make sure no one entered the set. The glorious life of an (aspiring) AD. Next week we will shoot in Oxford and London, meaning a shit-ton can go wrong. But hey ho, if worst comes to worst I'll just move to the middle of nowhere.

It's kind of sad that as an AD you don't have any fancy equipment. While all the camera guys and gals have their massive equipment, the sound people have their booms and stuff, the sparks have big ass lights, and we just walk around with a radio and maybe a pen and call sheet. It's not that impressive in comparison to what everybody else gets to work with. Well, at least wearing a radio incl. headset makes you look like you actually know shit and are somewhat important, even when in actuality you just walk around getting coffee and water for everybody. Appearance is everything, folks.

In other news, someone from my high school got married, my one year older cousin is pregnant, and I still don't know what to wear for Halloween. I still get surprised that people my age actually marry someone or take responsibility for a child's life.
Sometimes I seem to forget that I'm nearly 30 (lol). 

I had to learn that I really suck at foosball. Although I used to play against my brother all the time when I was younger, I seem to have forgotten basically everything. But I am working on my revenge plan, so y'all better hide, cause (eventually) I will beat you.
Or not.

Totally unrelated to foosball, I created the weirdest playlist on Spotify, containing everything from Tchaikovsky and Bizet, Hamilton and Les Mis, Springsteen and Gaslight Anthem, Harry Styles and Meat Loaf, Queen and Josh Groban, to artists most people haven't even heard of or forgot about. I know I'm weird, no need to tell me.

Anyway, I can't believe I've been here for four weeks aka one month aka 1/13th of the course now. I know I say this all the time, but time really is flying by.
Btw, is it okay to buy Christmas sweets yet? Asking for a friend...

And with that I'll leave you to it, there's nothing much more to say. Another really exciting life update by yours truly. Although, I can say that I'm currently working on a secret project, which you may or may not get to see sometime soon.

Stay free, and do the best you can. 
(Totally stole that line from a song.)


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