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10 Reasons Why Wearing a Burkini Hinders You From Integrating in Society.

1.You don't get skin cancer and turn bright red like the rest of us.

2.We can't see that tramp stamp you got in your younger years and therefore can't make fun of you.

3.60-year-old men in speedos don't aggressively flirt with you and comment on the size of your breasts.

4.You don't get sand stuck all over your body causing you to scratch yourself all the time.

5.You're faster swimmers thanks to the full body suit, giving you an unfair advantage when you want to get out of the pool as soon as you see that 60-year-old man approaching.

6.We can't see whether you shaved you legs or not, so we can't shame you for either of these two choices.

7.We can't see your varicose veins or scars from giving birth, so we can't shame you for either of these two "imperfections."

8.We can't see if you're one of those weirdos who have an outie belly button. Those things are gross.

9.Grandmas can't complain about you wearing flimsy clothes tha…