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27 Things I've Learned in 27 Years

I turned 27 years old yesterday, so I thought I'd write up some (cliché and random) things I've learned over the years.

Nobody has their life fully figured out, some people are just really good at pretending.Don't compare yourself (too much) to other people. What works for them might not work for you. It's okay to be different.You'll have friends who are still living with their parents, and you'll have friends that just bought a house themselves. You're now at the age when everybody seems to get married. Invest in a nice cocktail dress, or two.Everyone has this one friend that has been backpacking through Australia.Drink water while drinking white wine (or any alcohol).Grilled cheese is the best meal to eat when you come home after having a couple of drinks.Spend your money on travelling instead of technology.Dreams change. Don't cling on to things if they don't make you happy anymore.Don't be emotionally attached to your hair. It'll grow ba…

Guess who's back?

....back again... ♫

Did I already mention that I'm really good at this blogging thing?
No? Well, now you know.

It's been half a year, a lot of things have happened or changed, and a lot of things didn't.
Wow, how exciting. Let me elaborate.

For example, my two besties are getting married later this year! And guess who's gonna be maid of honor? Me. You guessed correctly.

My brother now works in Dubai and on the Maledives, and I kinda wish I would have studied IBM as well. Then I remember that I hate business management and all this kind of stuff, and I am only half as envious as I was before.

Like the total cliché that I am I started doing yoga, and as predictable as this may sound, I am actually really loving it. I used to not get it, why so many people loved it, but after just a month I totally changed my mind.

I still suck at playing the piano, partly because I don't find the time to practice, partly because YouTube is my teacher, partly because I still hate the …