Hello Internet...

...here I go again.

Very original first sentence. 10 points for that.

Anyhow, first things first.

Technically, this isn't even my first post. As you can see I've been updating quite often until 2012, until life kind of got in the way and I simply had no time for blogging. But in the past year I got the urge to post stuff again, so I thought New Years Day would be the perfect opportunity to give it another shot. (On another note, yes, I switched from writing in German to writing in English.)

I don’t know if anyone will read this, or if anyone is interested in what I have to say – which is basically nothing new – but I figured that it might be good for me to start writing down things that have been happening – or not happening – in my life, even if I am the only one who will ever read this.

So… what made me want to (re)start my blog, you ask?

Honestly, I don’t know.

I think I need a space be able to write down everything that’s happening in my life, my thoughts on some very personal matters, which I am not quite comfortable to share with people face to face. I'll probably be writing about anything I want to cause I don't like restricting myself to a specific topic/ genre.

If for some reason you find it interesting to read what a typical English Lit student has to say, feel free to follow my journey.
If you say why the heck should I be interested in the stories of just another hipster cliché, well, then you clearly should keep on reading.


Because a), the people you think of as hipsters are basically mainstreamers, and b), although I like books, wear glasses, go to indie concerts, rock a pixie cut and go shopping with a black tote bag, life is about so much more than the appearance of a person.

It’s about love, lost minutes and lost evenings, about fire in our bellies and about furtive little feelings. (Okay, I totally stole that line from a Frank Turner song, go check it out here.)

That’s it for now, feel free to leave a comment, and if anyone is still reading this: Hello and thank you for reading! :)

Until then,

yours truly
“It is a cliche that most cliches are true, but then like most cliches, that cliche is untrue.” – Stephen Fry.


  1. I loved your post! I personally understand you 100%. I sarted my blog because I wanted to express myself in a different way and take some time just to think about me...and then, I think a lot of times about who will be reading my post, the part of my life I enjoy sharing with the others without ecpecting anything back! and I turned to be amazed with the lovely feedback I got from my readers. And that's amazing! Love the way you write and you seem to be a very interesting person, lots of love

  2. Thank you for your very lovely comment, it really made my day! :)


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