Things Only Cat Owners Will Understand

If you’ve ever owned a cat, you know what I’m talking about.
1. You don’t need to worry about chaos on your table, your cat will always clear it up. By throwing everything that doesn’t belong on it under the couch. Like your pen. Or your glasses.

2. You cannot eat a meal without your cat staring at you and not-so-secretly judging you.

3. You buy a whole box of your cat’s favorite food, before she decides that she doesn’t like that flavor any more.
4. You would like to play with your cat during the day, but she decides that 2 a.m. is a way better time for having fun.

5. You don’t need to turn on the heating, your cat will make sure that you are not freezing. By laying on you. Even in the summertime. Just to make sure.

6. Your cat will help you study. By laying on your laptop. Or your notes. We don’t want them to go anywhere, do we?!

7. Your cat will make sure that you are always covered in fur. So that you are not freezing, again.

8. Your cat will make sure that you will always wake up on time. Food time, that is. Who cares what your alarm says.

9. Your cat will help you remember what time it is. Meow, it’s nearly 6p.m., FOOD TIME!!!

10. You will learn to always clean up behind you. Otherwise your cat will indulge in that yummy food that is left on the table just for her.

11. When going to the vet, your cat will tell everyone that you are the most horrible human on earth. By meowing like she’s about to die, if not worse.

12. You’ll always have at least one scratch on your body, and people will look at you like you survived a suicide attack. Which isn’t too far from the truth, to be honest.

13. Cats will test if gravity is still working, by throwing your stuff from the tables. While you are looking. To make sure you also know that gravity still exist. They just care for you.

14. Cats don’t need expensive toys. That 50 $ cat toy you bought for Christmas? Played with once. The wrapping paper it came in? NEEDS TO DIE!!! (aka it's the best thing in the world)

15. Your cat will catch you a mouse and lay it down in front of your feet, or on your bed, to show you how much you mean to them. That’s what I call love.

Can you relate to any of these statements? If so let me know in the comments! :)

"What greater gift than the love of a cat?" - Charles Dickens.


  1. Such a lovely post to read xx I have 2 cats and can relate to almost all of these things x
    One of my cats likes to take any object she can find, and play with it from 11 until 4 in the morning whilst making super load predatory noises. The other one likes to jump up, grab the end of the toilet roll and run all the way down the stairs with it, making sure to wrap it around all the table and chair legs while she's at it! :)
    Kat xxx

    1. Haha, your cats sound like a lot of fun!
      But what would we do without them... ;)

  2. Can't relate because I don't have a cat, but I want 6 cats in my own house next time. Looking forward to that moment. Haha, but it's a good post.

    Angelus /

    1. Haha, having six cats sounds like a lot of fun! And a whole lot of chaos ;)


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